Industrial Process Technology

Since 1994, we carry out for industrial enterprises energy advice for efficient energy, raw material use and environmental relief through. More than 20 years of experience have sharpened our eyes to see, even in complex production and building systems saving potentials and to develop economic measures of process optimization, energy optimization and heat recovery.

Project Development I Consulting l Planning l permission I implementation

The first objective of the project development is to pave the way as early as possible correctly to avoid errors and consequential costs over the entire service life of a plant.

Especially for energy-intensive industries have their location analysis and site selection are becoming increasingly important. Only the detailed project development assures the important advantages for your business. From project initiation through project design to project management, we accompany your project to success.

When it comes to the process of industrial plants, issues such as thermal energy, steam systems and condensate systems, hot water systems, combined heat and power, water supply and water treatment, waste water treatment, compressed air systems, process cooling, industrial gases and process air systems, afterburners, focus of our planning work. We analyze existing processes in terms of energy demand and litigation and develop technical control configurations and make considerations for optimizing the in-process heat network represents.

We know the legal requirements and the processes involved authorities and associations and perform for you approval procedures after Bundesimmisonsschutzgesetz (BImSchG), Water household set (WHG) for groundwater extraction (well), Abwassereinleitgenehmigungen, wastewater treatment plants, natural stormwater management through.

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