Photovoltaic systems

Solar power systems generate electricity from sunlight. Your power curve follows the daily course of the sun; The highest yield is achieved at lunchtime. Around the same time enter the daily consumption peaks in the power grid of the current feed-in tariffs auf.Aufgrund it is sensible completely to use the stream itself. The size of grid-connected systems is mainly determined by economic and legal factors. In addition to the investment costs and the space is mainly the solar power promotion plays a central role. The legal guarantee price decreases annually for newly setting the power plants and provides in ยง 61 EEG surcharge for final consumers and self-catering for a gradual increase in the EEG apportionment participation (30% by 2015 and 40% in 2017) before. This means that the EEG surcharge on domestic current part of the positive Effeks the KWK-G promotion again. However, Good-sized CHP plants are still economically and extend their payback period of about 8-12 months. The liberation of the energy-intensive companies is also on its own power. There only 15% are due dan.

The following named services we can provide for you!

  • Obtaining offers
  • Test efficiency and technical parameters
  • Make independent assessment of the equipment offered, in terms of profitability, profitability and sustainability, incl. The examination of the inverter technology used
  • Setting up a schedule and the organization related the construction process considering the production processes
  • Assistance in meeting the static requirements (if necessary. Hire structural engineer)
  • Help to file building application
  • Advice to the work contract with the design firm
  • Advice to the work contract with utility companies as regards the legal framework
  • Advice of insurance and finance
  • Making protocols on important Baubegehungen
  • Audit
  • Consultancy network connection
  • Control, documentation of the works in accordance with the service specifications
  • Random quality control of solar modules built
    • Performance Measurement
    • Creating a Elektolumineszenzaufnahme
    • Renewable Energies Act (EEG)
    • Erststellen thermography under load
  • Quality control of the string interconnection; Measurement by means of characteristic curve measuring device and evaluation of results
  • Participation in the acceptance
  • Participation in the form of plant monitoring
  • Testing Service - and maintenance contracts