Geothermal energy - inexhaustible and emission-free

In our planet stuck inexhaustible energy supplies. Day after day flow from the interior of the Earth from amounts of energy into space , which would be enough to cover the entire energy needs of the people several times. With the developed technology today it is everywhere possible in principle to use the environmentally friendly and climate-friendly energy source . Therefore, geothermal energy is one of the world's most widely used sources of renewable energy.

Geothermal - energy from the substratum

As geothermal energy or geothermal energy is defined as the total below the surface in the form of heat energy stored. While in the top 10 - the average temperatures with 10 20 m - 12°C are still relatively low, making out with increasing depth of the influence of the enormous heat flow from the Earth noticeable. Temperatures are rising per 100 m depth by about 3 ° C. In Earth's core itself, one speaks of temperatures up to 6000 ° C. Volcanoes or geysers are an expression of this heat, we all know. On their way to the top heats the heat reservoirs, rock and soil layers, which can be used used for heat production or electricity generation in turn. And this completely emission-free !!! Main concerns of geothermal energy use is to convey the heat by means of appropriate technologies from the depths to the surface. In some places, nature itself provides the necessary circulation system eg Thermal springs. Elsewhere development drilling with feed pump or geothermal probes must be used with circulation pump.

  • infinite energy source, which is available everywhere in the world and around the clock
  • guarantees permanently low operating costs if professional planning and execution
  • Save valuable resources and reduction of CO 2 emissions
  • suitable with minimal overhead for cooling
  • Geothermal energy is independent of Weather & Climate
  • Geothermal energy does not need to be brought in over long distances. It is energy locally
  • There are mature technologies for drilling, Probes & heat pumps.

So-called zones of geothermal activity, with temperatures above 150 ° C can directly be used to drive a turbine. In Germany, however, are the usual temperatures geological hot water reserves low. For a long time thermal water thus exclusively used for heat supply in the building sector. Newly developed technologies, however, permit the use of temperatures starting at 80 ° C to produce electricity. They work with an organic medium which is evaporated at relatively low temperatures. This hot steam drives a turbine power generator. The first geothermal power plant in Germany has been taken in 2004 in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern as an extension of the already built in 1994, geothermal heating plant in operation. The electrical output of the geothermal power plant Neustadt-Glewe is up to ~ 200 kW. From a depth of about 2250 meters about 97 ° C is sponsored hot water and used for electricity and heat supply.

Customary for the planning of geothermal systems 30kW, is given to accurate possible knowledge of the geological and hydrogeological structure of the subsoil, ie advance about the type, thickness and distribution of the rocks and on groundwater levels and groundwater flow conditions. Here comes specialist software for the simulation of the underground processes used.

  • Notification to the competent water authority (about 6 weeks)
  • Deeper than 100 m or larger wellfield, applying to the competent State Mining Authority (ca. 1/2 year)

The heat pump function is given by a closed loop process. It works on the principle of a refrigerator, ie by supplying technical work / drive power to the circuit is removed from the heat and leave the stand at the high temperature level condensation heat to the heating and hot water circuit. The heat pump turns even in wintry temperatures below zero low temperature heat into high-temperature heat. The working medium continuously changes its state of aggregation, evaporated, is compressed, liquefied and expanded. Working media (refrigerant) are substances that evaporate at low temperatures and at the same time have high internal heat.