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In the context of planing technical equipment we offer subservices such as:

  1. Development of tasks that apply specific goals of building owners
  2. Determination of space requirements for equipment depending on area and volume efficiency during the pre-planning phase
  3. Preparation of bill of quantities (BOQ)
  4. Preparation of functional descriptions
  5. Construction documentation
  6. Project supervision
  7. Development of 3D-detailed planning for subservices
  8. Installation planning for heating, ventilation, plumbing, air conditioning and electronics
  9. Proposals to optimize energy efficiency based on a list of individual measures
  10. Project management and optimization

Overall services for technical equipment

We can provide you with the full scope of work covered by the HOAI. For challenging construction projects we will develop a 3D design including collision detection of individual components.

Energy concepts

In the context of acquisition activities we develop energy concepts for general contractors including residential- commercial and industrial sectors. We also include investment and operating costs.

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As an active member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) we are committed to incorporate sustainability concepts during development and planing of our projects. To achieve this we develop constructive and reasonable solutions together with our constructors and architects. Sustainability to us is the economically efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving construction of buildings and building technologies. We recognize that examples, such as: calculations of CO2-savings during the use of renewable energy resources, the execution of "silent" cooling, the planning of intensive over-night cooling, daylight-dependent lightning, presence detectors, "intelligent" outer walls, and monitoring of technological equipment are just a small part of our future responsibilities.