Research projects


In the realms of the 5th research programme by the federal government, founding has been provided for the “EneffSadt Projekte” from the ministry for Economy and Technology (BMWi).

Goal is the development of pilot schemes, where besides energy optimization of single buildings entire areas of settlement will be taken into perspective to enhance power efficiency.


At the same time the energy concepts including their measurement-technology and integral planning should be implemented. The target is a 30% reduction in primary energy use for the entire Quarter through consistent usage of new technologies and intelligent planning processes. Know-how for urbanistic challenges of the future will arise with the transfer of research and development findings. 

EneffStadt - Old Zöllner District

Application: 2010, duration: 3 years, status: completed in 2012

IPH Weimar was commissioned by the Max-Zöllner-Stiftung to be involved in creating a master plan for innovative energy production- storage- and distribution technology for the Zöllner area in the town of Weimar. In connection to this, our research group has engaged in the application of modern technologies such as gas heating pumps, fuel cells, Stirling engine, combined heat and power generating sites (biomethane), long term storage in the field latent heat storage on hydrate base, photovoltaics, and usage of hybrid collectors for water heating. We would like to give a special thank you to the active participants that shared their knowledge during this project

  • Dr. Achilles and Mr. Bischoff – Brennstoffzelle, Sirlingmotor, KWK-Anlagen IET Thüringen, Keßlerstraße 27, 07745 Jena,
  • Mr. Sievers – Statik für die ober- und unterirdischen Speichertechnologien Krebs und Kiefer Erfurt, Am Seegraben 2, 99099 Erfurt,
  • Mr. Baumann - Elektrotechnik Ingenieurbüro Baumann, An der Lehne 6, 99425 Weimar
  • Mr. Kühne – Nahwärmenetz, Fernwärmetrasse Stadtversorgungs GmbH, Industriestraße 14, 99427 Weimar,

Research projects Thermpipe - Utilization of wastewater heat

Thermpipe is a project funded by the federal ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) 2011, to examine the energetic capability of sewage for warm water-and heat supply using a pump system developed by Fa. FRANK & KRAH Wickelrohr GmbH. The drain pipe is constructed to have a protective tube as a heat exchange element in the inner hose. The portion of heat from the earth’s ground is high, potentially supplying up to 0.5 KW/m of thermal energy. This was tested in Weimar West’s (approx. 5000 residents) sewage system in pipe DN 500. The sewage temperature is around 14-19°C. Thermpipe was included in a 6x6 m pipe section. The energy usage is put in effect by a water heat pump from Fa. Alpha Innotec that has a thermal output up to 27 KW, two Multifunction storages, with 830l and an 800l separating buffer. IPH has taken on the execution plan for the Stadtwerke Weimar. Currently the energy generated by the sewage is used for water heating at the Wimaria Stadion. An average of 15 KW cooling capacity and 22 KW heating power is generated in 4 days by the 36m Thermpipe tubes. By setting the heating pump to B10/W35 (EN255) a thermal energy output of 34 kW is possible.