Funding for the implementation of the EU climate targets, the Federal and State Governments

The IPH Selzer Ingenieure GmbH can look back on an extensive feed management. 
These experiences can be offered to our integrative planning services, with consultations on energy and innovation concepts.

Funding programs are usually limited and therefore constantly update. We maintain strong relationships with funding agencies of our service areas, in order to offer a consultation service to current funding loans and grants can.

Funds are earmarked and can be requested by individuals, businesses or community facilities. 
Also research projects to develop innovative processes, methods or techniques in the field of 
resource efficiency and sustainability are supported with subsidies.

Finding the apt support program, the decision on eligibility and the application represent a technical and administrative challenge and require in most cases a professional support by experts. 

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Our consultants are conveying you to clarify the eligibility and during the application process can assist. Web addresses to funding programs:

Subsidies in the form of grants and loans are available for:

  • Energy Advice
  • renewable energy
  • Contracting
  • Investment of transposition measures
  • Cold
  • and air conditioning systems
  • Electric motors and drives
  • Air compressor
  • Lighting Systems
  • Systemic optimization
  • Promotion of energy management systems
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Lighthouse Projects
  • Demonstration projects (new technologies, new processes)
  • rational use of energy
  • Electromobility
  • Climate protection concepts / energy concepts at the neighborhood level
  • large solar collectors
  • Use by heating network
  • Use process heat or solar cooling
  • Biomass installations for thermal use;
  • CHP biomass plants
  • Heat networks
  • Heat storage
  • Biogas lines
  • Heat pumps